GHT Global offers a broad range of
security services to governments, large
corporate entities & defence departments

Our Services

1.0 Security Solutions Services

1.1 Cyber Security

GHT Global offers a broad range of professional cyber services to governments, large corporate entities and defence departments. The team at GHT Global are cleared through the highest levels of security and can aid companies with the various stages of securing your network; from the building, optimising and operation of your network infrastructure, to consultancy, incident response and training.

1.2 Threat Assessments

The GHT Global Security Threat Assessment is a valuable and insightful opportunity for you to evaluate the effectiveness of your current physical and cyber security infrastructure. Want to know if malware has infiltrated your systems? If sensitive data is being lost? How unauthorised access to your buildings can be achieved? Where the gaps in your security solution are? The GHT Global Security Threat Assessment reveals your true security posture by detecting both active and potential threats that are evading your existing and cyber security measures.

1.3 Security Strategies

GHT Global develops security strategies that lay out the actions that are necessary to move toward a complete integrated security system. The effective strategy GHT Global will produce is comprehensive and dynamic, with the flexibility to respond to any type of security threat. We understand developing a security strategy is an iterative process that involves initial assessment, planning, implementation, and constant evaluation. The strategy may include a combination of actions that counter possible threats and vulnerabilities: policies and procedures, access management measures, communications systems and technologies, and systems integration practices.

1.4 Development of Operational Procedures

At the heart of many management programs, standard operating procedures (SOPs), drive the results. In today’s business environment, SOPs must make bottom-line economic sense, especially if you invest the time and energy to develop and implement effective SOPs. GHT Global recognises that developing a complete set of SOPs for a business can be a time consuming process, but understand a little time spent in the beginning to organise the effort can help reduce frustration with the process and make the effort more efficient and effective. GHT Global is able to minimise the burden of developing your SOPs by delivering the expertise of individuals with extensive experience in the field.

1.5 Organisational Change

Managers have to be able to introduce and manage change to ensure the organisational objectives of change are met, and they often have to ensure that they gain the commitment of their people, both during and after implementation. Often, at the same time, they also have to ensure that business continues as usual. GHT Global adopts a people centred approach to change management and is able to ensure rapid implementation and maximise return on investment. We facilitate productive and behaviour changing conversations at all levels to support change and growth. Combining skills and operational experience in accelerated change management with a challenging coaching approach, we capitalise on the strengths of the organisation, its people and practices.

1.6 Security Technologies

GHT Global specialise in identifying ‘best of breed’ and ‘next generation’ solutions and technologies that can form part of an overall security system of solution. Our deep domain experience and operational expertise means we have a unique perspective in identifying how enabling technologies can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security to maximise the cost benefits equation. GHT Global are also expert in supporting Government sector security organisations design and implement major business change.

1.7 Intelligence and Analysis

GHT Global supports clients to ensure they have the right capabilities in place to capture relevant and available intelligence appropriate to their threat and risk profile. Through a combination of deep penetration of the internet, intelligent and targeted open source assessments and utilising discreet partner networks we can deliver cost effective intelligence products or develop a cost effective internal capability. We also have access to superior analytical capabilities to ensure intelligence is exploited to best effect.

1.8 Counter Terrorism

Our unique approach enables us to work with clients to create a partnership through which a virtuous cycle if activities perpetuates cost effective, ethical and proportionate security through understanding, mitigation, remediation and optimisation of security. Our objective is to enable an organisation, business or individual to operate unencumbered by poor, costly and disruptive security. Our depth of experience and wide range of know how allows us to draw on the right skills sets and knowledge of specific challenges. We use the latest techniques and approaches based in industry and professional standards and best practices.

1.9 Business Change & Continuity

GHT Global will work with you to develop a holistic approach to managing complex change programmes that has clarity of vision and leadership, engagement of staff and all key stakeholders where everyone understands their role and purpose in the change initiative and has clarity about how they contribute to the overall transformation programme. We will work with you to develop a benefits management framework to ensure that benefits are identified early and that processes are put in place for benefit realisation. GHT Global has worked with a wide range of industry specialists such as systems integrators, technology companies and blue chip consultancies, as well as public sector organisations to design and deliver complex business changes designed to deliver transformational level changes in efficiency and effectiveness. We have a large in house training capability to support change programmes and have a vast network of accomplished operational, academic and business trainers. Our trainers are qualified and accredited within their fields of expertise and have extensive track records.

2.1 Training

GHT Global believes that well trained and motivated people are the foundation of success and our training division demonstrates our commitment to professional development. Our expert trainers and strong presence within the security industry enable us to deliver industry and site specific training to meet the individual requirements of our clients and changing industry needs. We can work with you to develop integrated training and coaching service that offers a seamless, rapid, capability development for your staff and to ensure the specific needs of each organisation are met.

We recognise that the “human element” is potentially the greatest security asset or risk within an organisation.

2.2 Multi-Spectrum Penetrations Tests

Once commissioned for a project, our specialist security team are able to replicate malicious intruders and carry out covert hostile target reconnaissance (both physical and cyber) followed by a number of full-blown covert attacks against your organisation. Working within pre-agreed rules the team use a wide range of techniques to try and gain access and bypass vulnerable security defences. Our sophisticated practices include: physical and cyber social engineering, covert entry, intelligence gathering, network exploitation and technical surveillance. At the end of the task we provide a detailed recommendation report and debrief detailing the security vulnerabilities and key areas for remediation.

2.3 Covert Operations

Occasionally a company’s management will have suspicions that something in the workplace is just not right, or there may be concerns with employee behaviour, When properly administered, a covert operation will reveal more information than most security systems or CCTVs could ever hope to uncover. Acting with extensive experience, our covert operatives are able to catch nuances, build trust, and develop leads that create a better understanding of the situation. Our covert operatives provide clients with the intelligence they need to address specific problems or to confirm that their concerns were unfounded.

2.4 Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

GHT Global specialises in the field of (TSCM) Technical Surveillance Counter Measures using the most advanced knowledge and up to date equipment on the market to protect our clients. TSCM; also known as electronic bug detection, bug sweeping or surveillance counter measures; is the method of electronically and physically inspecting offices, buildings, homes, vehicles, telephone systems, network systems and cabling for the existence of eavesdropping devices and to identify weaknesses in security that could potentially be used to install illegal devices. Our equipment is second to none, using the most technologically advanced hardware and software available globally and methods perfected through years of experience within counter surveillance bug and camera detection.

2.5 Surveillance

GHT Global surveillance enables the monitoring of behaviour, activities or habits of a person or groups to obtain evidential information. Our surveillance packages are fully discussed prior to planning and deployment of our Specialist Surveillance Operatives. Each member of the GHT Global surveillance team is highly trained and skilled in the art of surveillance with extensive operational Military or Police experience. Depending on the circumstances, the period of surveillance will range from a few hours to a few days or to a period of weeks. GHT Global conducts surveillance tasks both within the UK and overseas.

2.6 Forensics

Our experience of utilising forensic disciplines to support both covert and overt investigations and also provide layers of additional security assurance is unsurpassed and we have direct relationships with a range of forensic specialists who have supported major police investigations into serious crimes and terrorism.

2.7 Economic Crime

GHT Global has the in-house capability to provide expert advice and support to organisations and individuals at risk from economic crimes such as fraud and cyber perpetrated fraud. These services range from a comprehensive assessment of risk to the development of mitigation and remediation strategies and tactics and integrated solutions. Our professional and industry links ensure we remain conversant with old and emergent threats and up-to-date counter measures. We also work with a number of specialist technology companies who develop capabilities to prevent and detect fraud.

2.8 Investigations

GHT Global is an expert investigations company that utilises up to date skills drawn from the police service to conduct ethical and thorough investigations to an evidential standard where required. GHT has delivered major investigative support to international companies and has worked with some of London’s leading law firms to support their clients resolve highly sensitive and controversial cases. At the heart of everything we do are our own professional standards where we ensure absolute discretion and adherence to the law, accepted international standards of investigative practice and ethics.

2.9 Due Diligence

Our capabilities are ideally suited to supporting clients undertake thorough due diligence in support of all aspects of physical, financial and repetitional security. Our experience of ethical and legal intelligence gathering, our access to specialist web search and analytical tools and our substantial international networks underlines our ability to provide first class support to our clients.

3.1. Security

GHT Global appreciate that every business is unique and requires a tailored security solution. We are comitted to ongoing research and testing of innovative solutions that enhance existing security systems. We have established an experienced project management team to design and implement integrated security solutions that provide cost savings, whilst being mindful of risks, vulnerabilities and site requirements.

3.2 Capability Development

GHT Global provides the means to bring best practice in-house, and to meet your exact requirements through programs specifically tailored to your organisation. Our starting point is to understand your needs. We will work with you to agree the best approach based on the needs of the organisation, the roles and goals of the staff and their current competencies and skills. We give you access to individuals who are experienced at delivering to all levels of the public private sector, from administrative and technical staff through to executive programs. Investment in people development assists improvement in productivity and organisational capability ensuring all staff are equipped to deliver the outcomes and challenges that organisations face every day.

3.3 Event Safety and Security

A combination of expert penetration testing designed to identify security vulnerabilities and extensive experience in planning and managing major events means GHT and its personnel are excellent partners to those who have responsibility for security and public safety at sporting events, entertainment events, conferences and other events involving large crowds and or VIPs. Many of our key staff and associate staff have been involved in key roles in the policing of UK football matches, policing major public protest marches and demonstrations and London Olympics 2012.

3.4 Crisis Management

With a combined experience within the company of many decades of regularly responding to and managing crisis situations, GHT is able to work with clients to ensure, strategies, policies and procedures are fit for purpose in dealing with potential crisis events and situations. We are able to coach and train key decision makers and deploy unique tools to discreetly identify gaps in capability and test preparedness and overall capability.

23. Close Protection

With experience within the company of close protection at the highest levels, GHT Global is an ideal partner in helping clients scope their requirements and can provide a service appropriate to the threat and context.