Our mission at GHT Global is to deliver
innovative world class security solutions,
assurance and risk mitigation.


At GHT Global we have built a unique business which draws on whole careers of learning and experience within UK defence, UK policing and UK national security. This combination of blue spectrum (police) and green spectrum (defence) skills and knowledge has been used to develop a new approach to delivering security capabilities and solutions as well as security assurance and risk mitigation.

We specialise in supporting the Government sector develop and improve capability in defence, security and policing and in providing services to commercial organisations and private portfolios , particularly those who are primary targets for espionage, criminals and terrorists or who operate in hazardous environments.

GHT Global use a specific business model approach to deliver blended skills, knowledge and capabilities from the blue and green spectrums to deliver heightened security awareness, alertness and capability – keeping a client, a business, or an organisation in a constant state of vigilance and readiness as 'business as usual'.

Who We Are

GHT Global relies on a permanent core staff of UK security cleared former police and military personnel and operatives with many years’ experience in senior leadership and key operational roles. Our team have extensive international experience working in the Government and Commercial sectors. Our team is supported by a pool of over 300 vetted and / or security cleared associates drawn from UK policing and UK defence so that we are able to respond with agility to deploy experts to support our clients meet the complex current and emerging security challenges of the early 21st Century.

The Team

Dale Mason

Company Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of GHT-Global

Dale Mason is responsible for planning and running the daily business operations in support of global activities.Preceding his time with the GHT, Dale built upon a successful 16 year career in the British Army by consulting to the security sector on a global basis. Throughout this he gained valuable experience of operational risk management and supporting client objectives.

Stef G

Stef has 27 years of military experience with a wide variety of global security operations; his last 10 years were spent within a specialist environment, operating at a strategic level. Working in varied, dynamic global operations has given Stefan an unparalleled insight into security practices and requirements. Stef has been with GHT Global for 3 years, firstly as a team leader where he planned, organised and executed a variety of operations and training tasks. He is now the Operations Director and has taken on a more strategic role within the company. Stef is security cleared and holds developed vetting status.

Strategic Advisers

Steve Rick

Steve is the founder of Apto management Services a specialist operational delivery consultancy based in the UK. Steve is primarily focused on supporting large corporate businesses as an interim executive or Private Equity houses in either due diligence, pre-acquisition operational audits, bid support and programme assurance, cost reduction, operational turnarounds or the implementation and integration of complex engineering, IT and Telecommunications programmes.

Steve’s current and recent assignments have included:

2012 – Present. Steve has led the Operational turn-around of the £700m pa turnover Capita IT Services as the Interim Managing Director of Managed Services & Outsourcing. Providing operational and Executive leadership for a team of 2,300 on and off shore IT and Telecoms staff to recover programmes and deliver services. A dramatic service improvement programme has resulted in the highest customer satisfaction and lowest number of Sev 1’s in ITS’s history. In addition to driving performance and service improvements to an all-time high, during the course of 2013 Steve and his team reduced the average cost per employee by 24%. Steve also established and agreed a £13m investment programme with the Capita Plc. Board to assure service and address some long standing infrastructure and security issues. This has resulted in a complete re-tooling of service management, building an integrated suite of infrastructure monitoring systems together with the creation of two Capita command and control centres or super NOC’s one in UK the other in India. In addition he has led the re-engineering the security systems and firewalls. With a new permanent Executive team coming together in late 2013, Steve has been asked to remain with the business as the Transformation Director through Q1 2014.

Private Portfolio

We understand that global executive travellers and prominent figures attract exploitative malicious elements that seek to inflict personal, commercial and reputational damage. Such activity may lead to an increased risk of abduction, attack, blackmail, theft, and intrusion of private life.

In many cases the risks have not been identified, while others are unaware how to react. By taking a positive, practical and pre-emptive approach to phyiscal and information security, GHT Global can discreetly mitigate risks of such incidents and their emotional and financial support. Working closely, but unobstrusively, GHT offers a complete range of services to enhance personal security and allow peace of mind.

Conduct and Ethics

GHT Global conforms to a stringent conduct and ethics policy. We are ISO 9001 compliant, Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited and follow the guidelines of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. Our reputable approach is reflected in our joint principles, outlined below:

Our Clients interests always come first. We make sure that we fully understand what our clients are trying to accomplish and the manner in which they want to achieve it. We will always deliver more value than expected.

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. We would, if it came to a choice, rather be the best than the biggest.

Our assets are our people and reputation. We will make an extraordinary effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job. In a service business, we know that without the best people, we cannot be the best company.

We always treat our clients with the utmost discretion. Confidentiality is at the core of our business and ensures we provide the highest standards of service.

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We will always compete fairly and never denigrate other companies.

We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. While recognising that the old way may be the best way, we constantly strive to find a better solution to our clients problems.


Operating within today’s complex security environment demands a more holistic approach. We have successfully helped governments in a number of challenging areas such as: serious and organised crime, Counter-Terrorism and extremism, managing regional instability and conflict prevention, business continuity and emergency response management, public order and Critical National Infrastructure.


We are proud of our reputation as a trusted and successful niche service provider. GHT epitomises client confidentialty through the strict adherence to international standards of practice and the calibre, currency, vetting and background of its employees. Our commercial clients are drawn from global leaders in banking, oil and gas, information technology, independent education institutes, law firms, retail, media, logistics and distribution services.

Green & Blue Spectrums

Green Spectrum

GHT Global employs former UK Military Specialists with many years of operational experience supporting governments, law and intelligence agencies in high risk and dynamic global environments. The team maintains a core of commercial security assurance experience and personable project continuity for all clients. The high calibre of specialist military experience at GHT Global has delivered responsive and discreet services to global clients ranging from Commercial organisations through to Specialist Military Units and Government Agencies.

Blue Spectrum

GHT Global maintains a core of expertise drawn from the UK Police Service with personnel who have occupied some of the most demanding policing and national security roles in the UK. At the heart of GHT is a depth of investigative and operational experience honed in the fight against serious crime and terrorism. We have significant experience of delivering sustainable improvements across your operation that will include lean and efficient processes and improved quality of services and reduced costs. GHT capabilities are enhanced through our access to a talent pool of vetted and proven former policing professionals who now utilise their skills and knowledge serving clients within a framework of ethics and professional standards.