GHT Global is a uniquely qualified security solutions business which expertly supports Government sector organisations develop their policing and security capabilities and delivers integrated security solutions, security assurance and risk mitigation services to a range of international and global clients, through to major commercial organisations and private portfolios.

UMRO - Understand, Mitigate, Remediate, Optimise

Optimisation Principles

  • Developing Trust and Understanding
  • Converging ‘Blue’, ‘Green’ and Client Knowledge & Skill Sets
  • Bespoke Designs and Delivery
  • Deep Technical and Operational Analysis
  • Effective Prioritisation of Security Effort and Resource
  • Achieving High Levels of Physical, Technical & Cyber Convergence
  • Harmonising Strategy, Policy, Processes and People
  • Design Led & Systemic Security Solutions
  • Transformational change

1. Understand

  • Understanding the business, its people, its products and services and its environs.
  • Establishing the client perception/experience
  • Identify current levels of awareness, readiness and capability to prevent and respond
  • Establishing the mandate and governing protocols
  • Using unique engagement tools to identify known and unknown issues
  • Applying analytical and assessment tools
  • Identification of critical risks and mitigation options
  • Establishing scope for remediation, convergence and optimisation
  • Establishing the benefits and business case for remediation and optimisation of business security or capability development.

2. Mitigate

  • Develop final mitigation business case
  • Develop detailed mitigation plans
  • Prioritise
  • Establish assessment criteria
  • Implement strategic and tactical mitigation in cyber and physical worlds
  • Assess and scope longer term remediation requirements
  • Assess the impact of mitigation
  • Refine the remediation and optimisation business case
  • Develop outline optimisation plans

3. Remediation

  • Establish required capabilities
  • Identify key convergence synergies
  • Identify systemic approaches embracing people, systems and technology
  • Develop remediation strategy
  • Design remeditation work programme
  • Deploy and integrate remediation components
  • Assess impact of remediation activities
  • Refine the optimisation business case and identify business benefits (cost-risk-efficiency-effectiveness)

4. Optimisation

  • Establish programme management capabilities with client
  • Apply optimisation/transformation model
  • Deliver business change design
  • Support client implementation of change and training
  • Embed change and realise benefits
  • Review, assess and refine